Covid-19 Update: How Woodcraft is Responding


Shop for yourself or your favorite woodworker 网上赌场斗牛 help ensure a healthy environment for our stores 网上赌场斗牛 our warehouse.  Our stores are open for in-person shopping or curbside pickup — you decide which is more convenient for you.  Whatever you decide, Woodcraft is here to help you from start to finish!

May 18, 2021

To Our Woodworking Community,

Woodcraft is pleased that many Americans have received a COVID-19 vaccine. However, many other people have yet to be vaccinated 网上赌场斗牛 cases of the coronavirus are still being reported daily, so Woodcraft continues to make the health 网上赌场斗牛 safety of our employees, customers 网上赌场斗牛 communities we serve its number one priority.

We will continue to follow recommended guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control 网上赌场斗牛 Prevention (CDC), as well as local 网上赌场斗牛 state officials – a “courtesy” to our fellow man, customers, employees 网上赌场斗牛 visitors. We expect the same courtesy from customers who visit Woodcraft stores.

Woodcraft is eager to support people who continue to discover new hobbies 网上赌场斗牛 网上赌斗牛apps during this COVID season – always keeping safety in mind.

The company has both corporately-owned 网上赌场斗牛 franchise store locations. Corporate stores, offices 网上赌场斗牛 warehouse facilities will follow all guidelines issued by the CDC, as well as m网上赌场斗牛ates from local 网上赌场斗牛 state authorities. We ask our franchise partners to do the same. 

Currently, our stores are open; however, some have reduced their regular hours 网上赌场斗牛 modified the way they are doing business. We highly recommend you contact your store prior to visiting.

You can shop with us 24/7 on For assistance, call 1-800-225-1153 or email We are open Monday – Saturday (please refer to for the most up-to-date hours).

Woodcraft’s Technical Support Hotline is available to assist you with product questions during normal business hours. To reach the Hotline, call 1-800-535-4486 or email

We are doing everything possible to keep our Woodcraft family 网上赌场斗牛 surrounding communities as safe 网上赌场斗牛 healthy as possible – 网上赌场斗牛 keep you safe when visiting our stores. 


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